3in1 Air Pressure Therapy Infrared Pressotherapy EMS Stimualtion Lymphatic Drainage Body Slimming Machine

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The most popular multi-function weight-loss and health-care beauty equipment,which combines the functions of Far-infrared ray heated therapy and Air-pressure massage therapy and electro muscle stimulation therapy.

This machine adopts microcomputer control, easy to operate, not only for the beauty salon for a special diet and detox, but also suitable for dizziness, headache, neurasthenia, high blood cholesterol, waist, leg pain due to the nervous system, blood system, digestive system and secretion disorders, as well as variety of causes constipation due to mental stress and full psychosis and menopause comprehensive, achieving prevention and health functions, which is a multi-purpose functional excellence.

Air Pressure Pressotherapy:
With 20 pcs air bags,the pressotherapy massage the whole or certain parts of the body with four different programs.The natural compression is useful to increase the venous , lymphatic flow,enhance the extra-cellular fluid clearance.Except for the supplement treatment before and after the cellulite treatment,the pressotherapy is also for home use,such as massage the muscle,release the fatigue and pain.

Far Infrared Therapy:
The far infrared treatment can raise the body temperature,as the body warms,to cool itself down,it will sweat,increase the blood circulation and the basic metabolic rate,it is a natural and fast way for weight lose.

Electro Muscle Stimulation:
Creating electric pulse to stimulate the target area on body, EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) can effectively regulate bio-electric, endocrine system and accelerate metabolism, reaching remarkable effect of weight losing and skin tightening.


Key Technology: Pressotherapy, Far infrared, EMS
Pressotherapy Suit: Arm, belly, leg and foot, 7 individual parts(Suit WITH mat under it)
Pressotherapy Channe: 10 sectors, 20pcs
Pressotherapy Channel Control: Can work together, or close any channel
Pressotherapy Strength: 20-40KPa, 25-40L/min
Pressotherapy Mode: 4 modes
Pressotherapy Duration: 0-15s
Far Infrared Channel: 5, left arm, right arm, belly, right leg, left leg
Far Infrared Temperature: 0-65℃
EMS Channel: 5 channel, 10pcs
EMS Power: 50mA
Interface Language: English, or others optional
Interface Size: 8 inch touch screen
Power: 350W
Input VAC: 110V/220VAC ,50-60Hz
Gross Weight: 40KG
Working Environment Temperature: 15~35℃
Environment Moisture: <70%