5in1 needle free mesotherapy radio frequency beauty machine

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This machine combines the most popular and effective functions for face care in the market now. It is with the high pressure nutrition injection, thermolift, Radio frequency, and cooling which is good for skin rejuvenation, skin lightening,wrinkle removal and face and neck lifting. The Hello face II generation 5in1 complete face care machine is a comprehensive instrument that combines the face's multi-function operating system to improve prob-lems such as lack of water on the face, sensitive redness of the skin, sagging skin, aging, etc. That is the most multifuctional beauty salon machine for complete face care.

1,Facial liposuction theory The redundant fat under the subcutaneous skin makes your face swollen, also affects the curvilinear beauty of the entire face. It’s hard to take effect for losing facial weight to do sports, have diet pills and go for a massage. However, the facial RF liposuction cooling system is effective for facial liposuction and has long term effect. Fat is easy to accumulate in the cheeks, jaw and cheekbones and redundant fat makes your face fatted, like “Moon-shaped face”, “Reversed face”, “Double chin” and “Square-shape face”, which lose the beauty of facial outline. While the subcutaneous fat accumulation in the above parts are adaptive to treat through facial RF liposuction cooling system. Negative pressure liposuction utilizes the theory of pressure suction to release redundant water and fat through the lymph follicle behind ears, so that the fat can be reduced to alter the outline and shape beauty.
2,Facial cooling theory Facial cooling is helpful for minimizing pores, skin tightening, anti-wrinkle and facial lifting and keeps your skin elastic and energetic.
3,Facial RF theory As the years have gone by, the corium layer will gradually become thin and aging with the damaged elasticity of collagen and elastic fiber even fracture, which make the face wrinkled owning to non-recovering of the skin interface after expression, these kinds of wrinkles appear in the upper half of the face, such as forehead wrinkles, glabellar wrinkles and crow's-feet. In addition, with the natural aging of the skin, the synthetic collagen fiber reduces which weakens the support of the corium layer for the surface layer and forms the deep aging wrinkles, such as channel wrinkles of the lips, naso-labial groove wrinkles and neck wrinkles Product Function The effective features: a) Reddish facial skin, thermal feeling; b) Facial wrinkles has be decreased; c) Face has been lifted and tightening d) Promote cell metabolism