Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

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1.3 waves 1064nm +808nm + 755nm, 3 in 1 all skin type can be used
High power: NEW 1000W/ 1200W /1600W handle for options
2.Medical handle spot size  12*20mm, 12*36mm, face & body hair removal solution!
3.Cooling system: Unique Dual- TEC cooling system, most effective to ensure machine work all day, 24hr no down time.
4.Long life:  40 million shots

Safety Use On All Skin Type:

1.Alex 755nm for light skin
2.Speed Diode 808nm for yellow skin
3.Long Pulse 1064nm for darker skin



755nm 808nm 1064nm 

Laser bar

Imported, 8 bar, 10 bar, 12 bars, 16 bars
Laser Power 1000W + 1600W
Spot size  12*24mm & 12*36mm
Energy 0-150J/cm2


15X 15mm

Frequency 1-10Hz
Pulse width 0-300ms
Operative Interface 14 inch True Color touch screen
Cooling system High Speed Double TEC cooling
Air and Close Water Circuilation Treatment head with semiconductor cooling temperature adjustable
N.W/ G.W 62kg/78kg