Portable Cryolipolisis Fat Freezing Machine

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  • Work principle :FREEZE Contour 2 integrates cryotherapy, Vacuum and soft Laser together, offers the most advanced solution of localized fat reduction. The applicator draws out the fat tissue into the handle by creating a vacuum effect that temporally reduces blood flow and facilitates cryotherapy.
  • With hot and chill work mode and cooling work mode optional . Hot and chill mode can be settled manually , work time and temperature . up to +45 Celsius degree, low to -12 Celsius degree Cooling mode , for freezing all the time .
  • Clinic Results of cryotherapy slimming machine :20% to 40% fat reduction in each single treatment (60mins) for the treated area .
  • Application of cryo lioplysis treatment Treatments show cryotherapy process is effective to reduce the stubborn fat and without any harm for other healthy cells. Often it is used for :Abodomen,Love Handles, Inner & Outer tights ,Inner & outer knees,Back rolls ,Down buttocks


Power supply mode: AC110V±10% 60HZ 

Insurance specification: Max10A

Rated power: 600W

Negative pressure: 10-80Kpa

Heating: 35℃-45℃

Refrigeration:5℃ to -12℃ 

Photon:Red(630nm)Blue 50mW*4

Coolant:Purified water or special coolant