24Air Bags Air Comperssion Boots Leg Massager Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage Machine

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What Are Compression Boots?

What Are Compression Boots? Compression Boots are with a set of cloth-like accessory and 24 pieces of air bags for legs treatment, which allows for pressure by cycles overall together for legs, and by use of air compression, they squeeze the legs to improve blood flow and circulation.

No matter what kind of training or workout you do, your muscles experience microtears that will lead to muscle soreness, edema, or swelling. It will go away naturally if you’re recovering appropriately, but that will takes quite a long time and most of the time you can't wait that long. Here comes compression recovery boots, it provides dynamic pneumatic compression, stimulate muscle contraction and boost blood flow, remove the lactic acid and make your muscles heal quicker.


How Do Compression Boots Help Recovery?

The amount of pressure depends on the material used, how firmly it’s applied, and your daily movement. The Compression Boots are well researched with proven benefits in pain relief, speed up recovery. An ideal time to use air therapy is any time after training or workouts, a hard day at work, or after traveling. You can use compression therapy boots 15–20 minutes before your workout, going to work where you spend most days on your feet and it will increase your circulation and help you to perform better.

The Benefits of Compression Boots:

  • Different massage modes to cover a wide range of therapeutic and relaxation needs
  • All-in-one user-friendly smart controller will show you the air pressure data
  • Wrap size adjustable can provide the same pressure to different sizes of legs
  • Relaxes your legs, and be energetic
  • Enhances sports performance, and increases muscular flexibility
  • Hand-free rehabilitation tools for recovery from muscular strains
  • Reduces lymphatic swelling, and prevents varicose veins and leg cramps
  • Accelerates vein and lymph backflow, promotes circulation, and enhances metabolism
  • Hands-free massage for you to enjoy massage while laying or sitting
  • Super quiet operation with zero disturbance
  • Zipper wearable technology with fashionable and trendy style