Eelectric Smokeless Moxa Moxibustion Sauna System

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The far infrared electrothermal smokeless moxibustion system is originated from China ancient moxibustion therapy. It is technological innovation and simple operation. The moxibustion cabin 
and moxibustion bed apply electric thermal box to bake wormwood or moxa, using the high temperature produced by the thermal box, so that the wormwood molecules are released.

Not by combustion, so it is smokeless, eliminating the trouble of smoke. The combination of moxibustion therapy and modern technology of electric heating effect, using the heat generated by electric thermal box to transform the wormwood into a hot medicinal wind, allowing the effect of moxibustion to be applied to human skin, meridians, acupoints, or lesions, through skin penetration, meridian conduction, and pore and mucous membrane absorption, integrate heat therapy, medicinal therapy, and phototherapy to achieve the effects of qi and blood circulation, dredge the meridians, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and maintain health.

Moxibustion cabin with moxibustion bed can be used for whole body moxibustion therapy at one time. The cabin is used for the front of the body, the bed is used for the back of the body. At the same time, sweat steaming therapy, red light therapy, Bian stone therapy, medicinal material fumigation, Aromatherapy etc. This smokeless moxibustion system is the top one in the moxibusiton industry, regardless of patented 3D module design, product materials, ergonomic design, customer experience and operation. \Widely used in beauty salons, health clubs, health shops, families, etc., is a popular moxibustion physiotherapy instrument.

About this smokeless moxibustion system:

The upper one is an electrothermal smokeless moxibustion cabin, which is divided into two parts. Each part is equipped with 6 thermal boxes for a total of 12 pcs of thermal boxes.and at total of 
48 far-infrared led lights are integrated on the thermal boxes.
The bottom one is an electric smokeless moxibustion bed with a total of 12 pcs of thermal boxes and at total of 48 pcs of far-infrared led lights are integrated on thermal box board. The body lay 
plate is made of 192 pcs Bian stones.

When no need to make moxibustion treatment, take off the upper moxibustion cabin and insert in leather pads into bed hole, the moxibustion bed can be used as massage facial bed, which is very practical and convenient, can be used by men, women, the elderly and children, and is widely applied to simple and fast customers increased for beauty salons and health clubs, easy operate for home personal health care.

Product Features:

1. Smokeless Moxibustion: Put Moxa into thermal box for smokeless moxibustion (Efficacy: Promote Qi and blood circulation, remove cold and dampness and detox, clear the meridians, enhance immunity, relieve pain, relax the body)
2. Bian Stone therapy: Bian Stone is activated by far-infrared light and thermal energy, its microcrystals contact the surface of the skin to generate a 7-20 micron far-infrared wave band, which can generate ultrasonic pulses that are beneficial to the health of the human body. It has a biophysical effect on the human body and has magical energy effects. It can clear the human meridian, promote human microcirculation, improve metabolism, and improve blood circulation.
3. Far-infrared light therapy: Far-infrared light penetrates into the dermis layer, stimulates collagen production, improves blood coagulation, and rejuvenates the skin.
4. Aerobic perspiration: The highest temperature of the equipment can reach 65 centigrade degrees. (Efficacy:Weight loss, cold and wet detox, relax body and mind)
5. Other therapies: Other dried herbs or spices can be put into the thermal box for other physical treatments.

Main effect:

1. Invigorate the qi and clear the meridians;
2. Promote Qi and blood circulation;
3. Eliminate cold, damp, toxin in the body;
5. Relieve pain in different parts of the body;
6. Enhance immunity and prolong life;
7. Postpartum repair;
8. Weight management.