7in1 Hydro Facial Skin Care Beauty Machine with Skin Camera Analyzer

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7 handles introduction:

1. High-frequency skin scrubber
Through the action of ultrasonic and high-frequency vibration, it can remove the excess oil on the skin surface, aging cutin and dirt.
2. Ultrasonic head
The macromolecule nutrients are converted into small molecules by the action of ultrasound, making the skin easier to absorb.
3. Cold hammer
Reduces pores, firmes and shapes skin.
4. Ion spray pen
Replenishes skin with moisture and nutrients.
5. RF handle
Promotes the production of collagen and collagen fibers, plays a role in rejuvenating and reducing pores, and improving fine wrinkles.
6. Suction peeling pen
Cleans the skin surface and excess pores in the pores, aging cutin and dirt.
7. Camera detection pen
Analysis and detect skin problems.