Chi Machine Feet Swing Eexcercise

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The Vitality Swing Chi Machine produces a wave-like motion from the ankles up through the spine, similar to the tranquil movement of swimming fish.

Even people with disabling injuries, chronic pain, or an inability to exercise can use one of our chi swing machines with ease.

To use, sit on the ground and place your feet on the comfortable ankle pads. Lie back in a relaxing position. Turn on the machine and control its speed using the convenient remote control.

Focus on relaxing your muscles and breathing steadily as the wave-like motion of the legs moves up the body into the spine, the neck, and the shoulders. 


**This massager will help realign your spine, relax your back muscles, and increase the blood flow and oxygen supply to the spinal column.

**It increases circulation and promotes proper blood flow, many users experience a decline in blood pressure.

**Poor sleep is often a result of spinal misalignment, fix it and the quality of your sleep will improve.

**Extremely simple and easy to use. Not a weight-bearing exercise, thus providing a safe and effective way for you to exercise.