Mechanical suction roller massage body carving lpg slimming machine lipo sculpture cellu optimizer beauty equipment

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Product Description:

Vacuum Roller Massage Slimming:
The vacuum roller slimming use the vacuum suction principle and the unique roller to lift up the skin along with subcutaneous tissue, and then vacuum suction rollers roll forward and backward to do deeply and wave-like massage on the body and to do aerobic exercise as absorb, pinch and rolling for skin and adipose tissue to boost up the lymph detoxification function and blood circulation 4 times faster than usually, in the meantime, the deep massage can transform the fat into fatty acids, and drain out of body by lymph circulation, to consume fat effectively to get slimming body. Accelerate the metabolism of skin to enhance reproduce ability of the collagen 
protein and elastic fiber tissue, makes skin becomes better.

Function treatment Effect:

1).cellulite reduce and body slimming
2).body massage and relax
3).muscle firm and skin tightening
4).lymphatic drainge and body detoxin


Product name
Vacuum roller massage slimming machine
Mechanical roller vacuum therapy
8 Inch touch screen
Input voltage
220~240V/100-120V, 60Hz/50Hz
Machine size
Package size
  Net weight   95Kg
  Gross weight   120kg